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A Students' Initiative

Lighten the way to Blossom India

“We believe that the various problems that the society faces have a common error source, that is, lack of proper elementary education. Everything else is distributed out of the same, poverty and over-consumption, unemployment and agricultural crisis, social injustice and middle class apathy, health and environmental degradation, and so on. Hence the approach to address these should be holistic, and we at Vikalp believe that the youth can play a pivotal role bringing about a change.” - THE VIKALP TEAM

Services on Vikalp

Health Care facilities

Healthcare for children is one of the prime concerns of Vikalp. It focuses in imparting the knowledge of hygienic living to those who don’t have an access to basic healthcare. They could be slum- residents, labor families travelling across the country for work or even the poor of fixed geographic regions. Vikalp has actively interacted with Medical Officers of Shri Mata Vasihno Devi University and public infirmaries and launched its various initiatives as part of its endeavor to introduce healthcare awareness and contemporary healthcare to the underprivileged. The team has organized about 5 free camps since the inception of Vikalp. These were regular medical checkup camps, vaccination camps, and counseling and checkup camps. The camp provides them with free medicines, free consultations and counseling.

Non-Formal Education and tuition classes

Although there are many Government schools which children can attend, there is a big problem with non-attendance, low literacy and a high dropout rate for children from the lowest socio-economic groups. This is due to parental ignorance and fear. Therefore, there is a need to care for younger ones, without prejudice and discrimination. Vikalp has launched non-formal education programs in such a deprived locality of Jammu and Kashmir. The main aim of it is to provide free education to the children affected by poverty, migration, marginalization, natural calamity or child labor. Girls are even more likely to be uneducated as they often carry the burden of taking care of their siblings, domestic and paid work. The Vikalp team extends tuition program for children from around the Kakryal and Sira villages of Reasi District. These children do attend local schools but are deprived of holistic growth opportunities. They are also not aware of the benefits of Government schemes. Vikalp endeavours to fill the gap as for as possible.

Counseling Services

Under our counseling project we have a number of volunteers as mentors. They closely interact with the people/parents so that they promote education of their children. Vikalp offers counseling on issues as: –"

  • Career Counseling
  • Women’s participation in family finances and decision making
  • Abstaining from consuming alcohol and drugs
  • General hygiene and health
  • Income generation
  • Computer Literacy

    Vikalp also extends to its participants an opportunity and exposure to better education ambience by introducing computer classes. High School and Intermediate students are provided Computer Education as part and parcel of Vikalp curricula for them. The School of Computer science & Engineering of SMVDU generously supports this venture by extending computer facilities as and when required.

    About Vikalp

    "Vikalp..... An Alternative"

    Despite India’s spectacular economic development, millions still have to go hungry; live in most unhygienic conditions, without even basic education for their children; and die of diseases that can be prevented. What is needed is to build a strong civil society that should work in tandem with the government in making a difference in the lives of those who are in need.

    The students at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University initiated the Vikalp program in January 2009, with a small team of thoughtful and motivated students, whose main aim was to bring about an overall social change in the society. Today the program has reached a point where more and more people have chosen to become a part of this program. The program has become successful beyond everyone expectations and is best illustrated by the students as ‘an alternative, a step taken by the SMVDU family to provide education to the underprivileged children which has played the role of a candle in their dark lives’.

    The main objective of the Vikalp program is to extend basic education to the under-privileged children of the nearby villages and to the children of the of the construction workers on the campus. The objective is to take care of their overall growth including their medical care. Vikalp is committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights and undertakes development activities and programs for the literacy of children, and adults who belong to poor and rural areas; provides occupational training and guidance for rehabilitation. The team at Vikalp is also planning to conduct surveys and social research work for the weaker sections.

    One of the major projects taken up by the team is to improve the condition of deprived living in poor human condition in suburbs of Kakryal and Sira villages, adjoining the University campus, in Reasi District of Jammu and Kashmir. The team conducts classes focusing on the issues of personal hygiene and general cleanliness for the students of the rural community in and around of the university premises. The focus is also on the healthcare and awareness program for various government initiatives.

    The Vikalp Team

    Prof. Sanjeev Jain

    "I am happy to observe that Vikalp, which is a program initiated by students of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) to provide free education to the underprivileged section of the society, is running since 2009. It is our responsibility both as an individual and as an institution to provide the very best we can, especially to sections of society which have been marginalized. SMVDU is committed to light the wick of education and learning not only for its own students but also for the students of disadvantaged sections living in the vicinity of University campus. This program uniquely contributes to initiatives taken by this University for Institute Social Responsibility. My best wishes to all the students associated with Vikalp for their upcoming task and pledge our continuous support to this novel program in all administrative and financial matters."

    Mr. Sumanta Sarathi Sharma

    Education is the elevation from the mundane to the divine. Pondering on this, I found a way out of the rat-race, I was running behind. Vikalp is a platform, which provides a voice to the unheard and works for human dignity at large.We want to ensure that those who are born with lesser means and thus considered underprivileged may not live that life too. In order to achieve this, we provide education and recreation to the poor and the needy. Our goal is to celebrate human and their lives in every form.


    Prof. Rajeev Garg

    Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can – John Wesley
    Sometimes all we need is a Hand to Hold. Leveraging the underprevileged children in our surroundings is a noble cause and I am pleased to get an opportunity to be associated with this mission named VIKALP, an initiative of SMVDU. I belief that each one of us in our society need some support and leverage to enhence our quality of life and in order to brighern our future. I am pleased to observe that all faculty and student volunteers associated with VIKALP are contibuting well in this endeavour.
    I am sure that this mission is helping many of the childern to develop their knowledge base, skills and personality; and this will lead to built their career in a better manner in the time to come.

    Prof. R.S. Mishra

    Former Dean of Students, is strongly appreciative of the role played by the student and says, “I give all credit to these students who have dedicatedly worked for so long in making this program a success. I would highly appreciate if students along with their studies are acquainted with some basic skills which can help them in their daily life.”


    Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jha

    The smile on a child’s face is far more precious and valuable than all the material goods combined and being able to bring a positive change in the life of a child who is in need and a smile on his face is the greatest contribution towards the welfare of humanity.The dedication and hard work of our student volunteers in improving the lives of the children of the nearby area by gifting them knowledge and teaching them life values is highly appreciable and makes me feel so proud!.

    Dr. Varun K. Tripathi

    Previous Faculty Coordinator of Vikalp points out “Vikalp is not only an activity which is running on the campus with a view to enhancing educational and personal standards of the participating children but also a platform for inculcating in our students (who extend teaching assistance to the program) a sense of responsibility. Any institution or organization highly rests on the resources of the society, so one must develop in oneself a vision for society and a sense of paying back to society through service to society in some form or the other. That is why Vikalp is run on the basic principles of voluntary service and self-sustainability.”


    Dr. Yugal Khajuria

    Dean of Students'

    The Dean of Students' office wish Vikalp team the very best.

    Mr. Anil Bhardwaj

    "Charity starts from home" the way Vikalp is growing always giving me sense of pleasure that SMVDU is really producing very good Engineers and Researchers. The noble idea of helping students in their studies is appreciable. I had interaction with one of the Vikalp beneficiary a laborer son and glad to tell you that your mission is successful. Vikalp is a program not on paper, but it is best program with minimal resources ever. All the best for wonderful future. God Bless you. Kudos to the faculty members Dr.Varun, Dr.Sharma for this novel approach.


    Mr. Sudesh Kumar

    Vikalp is a self driven school for brilliant minds of society and an opportunity to become a world class teacher.

    Our Volunteers
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      Tanuj Dhiman

      Vikalp is a school designed to provide learning spaces and learning environmentfor the students under the direction of teachers. Vikalp is the place where complete development of children physically as well as mentally.

    • img

      Ikshita Chaturvedi

      Vikalp, an initiative by the students for those whose burdened shoulders and saddened smile needs to know that even with broken wings they can still learn to fly.

    • img

      Hardik Beniwal

      Selfless service that shapes the future of young individuals is the driving force that encourages us to join 'Vikalp' and take it forward.

    • img

      Falguni Raina

      There is nothing better than to see a child grow & prosper,knowing you played a part in that. The happiness which I see on children's face due to our little efforts gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction.

    • img

      Megha Trivedi

      The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you and Vikalp is all about providing that learning to children. I am delighted that I am a part of it.

    • img

      Kartik Rattan

      Small steps matter in the long run. It doesn't matter how much busy anyone is. One will always make time to be a part of Vikalp everyday. It takes you to the time when we were children. Providing, helping, teaching and playing more like a family.

    • img

      Harsh Garg

      Vikalp has taught me things that I don't think anyone will. It has given me memories that I can cherish for life. It is a family for me.

    • img

      Saurav Kumar

      I just want to thank you all.. for making me part of VIKALP. It's a place where we exchange feeling.. and it is unexpressible.

    • img

      Zuha Wani

      VIKALP: not just a non-benefit organisation, it is the initiative for the lives who need the nourishment for proper education, sports and extra-curricular activities, at a particular stage; it is the reason behind hundred of smiles on the faces of those children.

    • img


      Vikalp has been running for the last 10 years now and has become a legacy for all of us. How lucky I am to have something that is going to make saying goodbye so difficult.

    • img

      Sagun Gupta

      Vikalp is like a family to me. The best of the day to be honest. These little ones constantly motivate me to push my limits and put more than my 100 percent.

    • img

      Abhishek Singh Anand

      Study-Teach-Play-Repeat.The place where children gather is where begins the real chance of fun. The best way to educate the children is to make them happy. I like to teach children because they are the future of the whole world.

    • img

      Bhargavi Bhat

      Vikalp, an initiative by the students to nurture the colorful smile and the twinkling eyes of those fragile hearts.

    • img

      Shivam Kumar

      A place where innocent faces make your day.A place where a generation is shaped.A place where dreams become reality.A place which is family now.

    • img

      Ravi Singh

      As a student we all have face problems either mentally or economically.VIKALP is something where we help children in tackling both.This initiative not only helps other but also gives us opportunities to learn and grow along with the children.

    • img

      Harsh Kumar

      Nothing can be more beautiful and fruitful than showing right path and giving education to a child and as we know everyone has a right to education and to dream a very good and blessed future and this is what VIKALP does.Truly proud to be a part of VIKALP SMVDU.

    • img

      Biraj Gupta

      VIKALP is a place where learning is two fold.Here we teach children what they need to learn and learn from them what we had forgotten.Its an honor to be a part of this family.

    • img

      Abhinav Verma

      Vikalp is an integral part of my life. Going there gives me immense happiness. I feel extremely happy to be a part of such a wonderful initiative.

    • img

      Medha Singh

      Our VIKALP is not just an organization it is "A family of learning" where knowledge is transferred from a learned individual to a learning individual.

    • img


      I like teaching to students,thats why i went to vikalp.

    • img


      The benefit card of children.

    • img

      Archit Sharma


    • img

      Gurprit Singh

      As i heard about vikalp ,during my first year ,it is much more than that .It provide a great platform to the students from this remote area to perform various cultural activities .

    • img

      Akhil Kalsi

      VIKALP is an initiative by students of SMVDU to help uplift the underprivileged families in nearby villages by providing free education to children . I feel glad that I am a part of this.

    • img

      Anmol Sharma

      It is great place to learn things and to enhance internal qualities.Teaching children gives satisfaction. Vikalp is a appriciable initiative.

    • img

      Neel Kamal

      I always feel bliss to have these (vikalp) children arround me. I feel fortunate to be the part of the VIKALP team. It gives me immense pleasure to be with these children.

    • img

      Shivam Sharma

      Vikalp is a place to explore yourself, to know what you can do for the society and give to the human welfare. It is not the place to teach , it is the place to learn. It feels great to be the part of vikalp.

    • img

      Shriya Jamwal

      It's an amazing experience to work for the social cause specially to work for the children. As a student, it made me to realize how wonderful is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.

    • img

      Muskaan Gupta

      In the words of Ronald Reagon -"We cant help everyone,but everyone can help someone." And this small help I believe can go a long way in making somebody's life better. Long live this beautiful initiative-VIKALP!

    • img

      Sanya Negi

      It is everyone's moral duty to give back to the society. Vikalp provides the best platform to bring out the philanthropists in us and gives us the privilege to touch the lives of many young ones and I am grateful to be a part of this noble initiative.

    • img

      Saloni Seth

      It gives immense satisfaction to shape young minds.Vikalp gives an opportunity to not only teach but also interact and learn from these little children.It is a platform to impart education and brighten these children's future.

    • img

      Samridhi Sajotra

      Vikalp is a platform through which we impart knowledge to those who are in need of it.Teaching here gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

    • img

      Sukriti Gupta

      If we can do so much as to transform a soul into someone better,our life's meaning is achieved. It is a life well-lived. Here at Vikalp,we get an opportunity of transforming many lives ....I feel proud to be associated with such a noble and pious initiative.

    • img

      Srishti Sharma

      Righteousness is the one of the highest good; Forgiveness is the one of the Supreme Peace; Knowledge is the one of the Supreme contentment; And benevolence is the one of the sole happiness.

    • img

      Smiksha Gupta

      "If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path".......VIKALP.

    • img

      Ankit Khandelwal

      Vikalp not only makes you a teacher, but also teaches you a lot.

    • img

      Abhishek Agrawal

      The thing I liked best about my experience in VIKALP is the relationship that I have made with such a wonderful VIKALP students.I am absolutely humbled to gain this experience to teach along side with interaction to such a wonderful student and colleagues (teaching in VIKALP).

    • img

      Punit Batra

      Vikalp is a great platform to educate the children and to make them successful in life.It enhances our knowledge and gives happiness.

    • img

      Keshav Gupta

      It is our moral right to share our knowledge with others.By sharing knowledge it will always increase and give happiness to us.

    Alumni Volunteers
    • img

      Neha Sharma

      Vikalp, originated from Sankalp of each and every volunteer is a platform which provides great opportunities to the unprivileged children. It also gives volunteers a stage to outshine their skills and to improve their personality. So it's an honor to be a part of the vikalp family.

    • img

      Tanu Gupta

      Vikalp - A Student's Initative runs by Shri Mate Vaishno Devi University is a platform which gives the students from rural areas the advantages to be extra-ordinary. According to me Vikalp develops patience and more than that a complete social person.

    • img

      Ajit Kumar

      Not Letting the darkness engulf, The bright future of little children, A Students' Initiative- Vikalp.

    • img

      Raju Kumar

      Way back in 2014 it was when i joined this selfless mission of imparting education to the children coming from families with lesser comfortable means,the experience in itself was soothing at heart.

    • img

      Raju Kumar

      Vikalp is a initiative taken by my seniors.When i ineract with children and teach them that's give me motivation and self satisfaction. That's why I feel fortune myself for be a part of such organisation.

    • img

      Anand Bharti

      I have wonderful experience being a part of vikalp. It always give me a kind of satisfaction and pleasure to work for someone specially a child, who is future of present India

    • img

      Guneet Kour

      Being a part of VIKALP FAMILY has been a wonderful journey throughout all these years. Helping someone through the journey of their development and contributing towards their happiness has given me an ultimate joy and satisfaction.

    • img

      Rameshvar lal

      Message Coming Soon...

    • img

      Anurag Gupta

      "Children are great imitators. It's our duty to give them something great to imitate. At Vikalp you don't only teach them, you realise; you learn; you judge your obligations."

    • img

      Nitish Kumar

      I am proud to be a part of the organisation(VIKALP).

    • img

      Rajat Mishra

      I enjoyed my stay at the University because of Vikalp. I not only taught kids for 4 years but have learnt from them for the the times to come even.

    • img

      Priya Pandita

      It is a matter of great honour and privilege for me to work as a volunteer in this vikalp program . Not only i am teaching there, but i am also learning a lot from my day to day teaching and interacting experience with the students there.It is really very amazing to serve them struggling in life with dedication to achieve their dreams.

    • img

      Shambhoo Vishwakarma

      Getting acquainted with the company of local community and their culture, brings me the moment of magic to improve the living standards.

    • img

      Shaurya Jain

      Vikalp is an arena for all-round development of children growing in an underprivileged environment. A child at Vikalp transforms to a socially sensitive individual .

    • img

      Yagyank Srivastav

      Vikalp for me is a programme that brings together the best of the caring souls from the learning mob of SMVDU.

    • img

      Pradeep Verma

      It is a Place where we give little and in return get a lot in form of experience, skill and friends.

    • img

      W.R. Anbu Mathika

      To see a person smile, and to know that you have contributed something for that smile, gives ultimate joy and internal satisfaction.

    • img

      Sadhvi Sharma

      I learn how to work in team at vikalp. I feel enthusiastic energy to be with vikalp kids.

    • img

      Shivalika Singh

      It gives me an immense pleasure to be a member of VIKALP family. To shape little minds by imparting education as well as their overall development is the beauty of our VIKALP family.

    • img

      Ankit Kumar

      I realized how privileged I was to get a quality education in India. Vikalp was my opportunity to pass on that privilege to those deprived kids. I learnt more than I taught.

    • img

      Shivani Bhardwaj

      Patience, perseverance, happiness and loving children is what Vikalp has taught me so far. I have had an amazing experience having worked as a volunteer with Vikalp.

    • img

      Raj kamal

      I had some amazing time with kids, teaching them, nurturing them for their better future. This is an another kind of life, an atmosphere that i am living within the university.

    • img

      Kanahiya Sharma

      It is our moral duty to serve and serving to humanity in the form of education is the best thing I learnt at vikalp.

    • img

      Bipin Kumar Mishra

      Vikalp makes me proud to feel that I got to serve those underprivileged children because of this program.

    • img

      Mitika Sharma

      When I look back, these four years of B.Tech would have been blank without Vikalp. I was away from my family but around these children and NSS volunteers I felt at home.

    • img

      Kaushal Kumar

      Vikalp is a place to universalise knowledge through international medium of expressions called love and care. Indeed a life changing experience.

    • img

      Anand Kumar

      Vikalp is like second incarnation, where I experienced a beautiful aura coming out from the most pious and profane soul of kids.

    • img


      VIKALP is a platform where we can do things to little bit change our do good that makes u happy as well as make your soul proud

    • img

      Chitrarth Nirmal

      Being a part of vikalp is something that I'II cherish all through my life. It's been a wonderful experience working in vikalp where I had lived my childhood.

    • img

      Kashyap Monika

      The experience gained at Vikalp, while teaching and learning with all the awesome children, gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.

    • img

      Sudhanshu Raj Sagar

      I feel immense pleasure and honoured to be a part of vikalp family. Spending an hour of a day not only puts me into introspection of my childhood days but also provide a platform of learning.

    • img

      Shubham Tiwari

      It’s a great initiative taken by the university to help the children get education. I feel lucky to be a part of this university. Hats off to everyone involved

    • img

      Vipul Kumar

      It is a platform to impart education and provide awareness to those who are needy. I always looked forward to a new day at Vikalp and would always cherish the moments.

    • img

      Aishwarya Singh

      The beauty of life is in possibilities.Vikalp is one place were I believe we try to give choices to kids who don't have many.

    • img

      Munna Kumar

      Vikalp is hope for those student their parent is not able to teach so in this process , we are supporting them for education so that know basic knowledge which will be usefull in their future life . It is kind of help for poor students.

    Contact us
    Dr. Madhu Mangal Chaturvedi

    Faculty Coordinator, Vikalp: A Students' Initiative
    Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
    Kakryal, Katra -182320, Distt. Reasi, J&K


    01991-285524 (Extn. 2609)
    (M) +91-7889408925


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