Prof. (Dr.) Pragati Kumar

Vice Chancellor, SMVDU

The Vice Chancellor has always lended his support and appreciation to Vikalp. He wishes team Vikalp the very best.

Sh. Ajay Kumar Sharma (JKAS)

Registrar, SMVDU

The Registrar’s office wishes Vikalp team the very best.

Mr. Sumanta Sarathi Sharma

Faculty Coordinator, Vikalp: A Students' Initiative

Education is the elevation from the mundane to the divine. Pondering on this, I found a way out of the rat-race, I was running behind. Vikalp is a platform, which provides a voice to the unheard and works for human dignity at large.We want to ensure that those who are born with lesser means and thus considered underprivileged may not live that life too. In order to achieve this, we provide education and recreation to the poor and the needy. Our goal is to celebrate human and their lives in every form.

Dr. Madhu Mangal Chaturvedi

True education teaches us to think and work for the wellbeing of all. In harmony with the same spirit, VIKALP at SMVDU is a sincere and self-less effort by the student volunteers of the University to bring positive change in the lives of their young brothers and sisters from the nearby villages. It is really satisfying to see these young minds contribute to the society at such an early age. Also, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to SMVD University for generous support and faculty, staff, and students for their contribution to VIKALP on behalf of the entire VIKALP team.