Vikalp Celebrates Baisakhi

Baisakhi Celebration

Baisakhi, the vibrant harvest festival of Punjab, came alive at Vikalp on April 13th, 2024. Capturing the essence of the occasion, Vikalp volunteers and students joined hands to create a memorable evening filled with cultural performances, informative talks, and a spirit of togetherness.

Event Details

“Baisakhi is a time to celebrate the fruits of our labor, to express gratitude for the bounty of the harvest, and to usher in a new year with hope and optimism,” said one of the volunteers, setting the tone for the evening.

The event, which commenced at 5:10 PM in LT – 4, saw a vibrant gathering of around 50 children and 30 dedicated volunteers. Mr. Sumanta Sarathi Sharma, the faculty coordinator of Vikalp, graced the occasion as the chief guest, lending his esteemed presence to the festivities.


Student Activities

The evening unfolded with an enlightening segment where two volunteers delved into the rich history of Baisakhi. “The festival marks the beginning of the Punjabi solar new year and coincides with the formation of the Khalsa, a pivotal moment in Sikh history,” explained a volunteer, highlighting the festival’s multifaceted significance.

This informative introduction paved the way for a captivating display of cultural performances. Children of all age groups took center stage, their enthusiasm radiating through energetic dance routines. Their vibrant costumes and graceful steps brought the spirit of Baisakhi to life.

Adding another layer to the celebration, both children and volunteers presented heartfelt poem recitations. Their voices, brimming with emotion, resonated with the themes of harvest, new beginnings, and gratitude.

The culmination of the event saw Mr. Sumanta Sharma delivering a heartwarming speech. He expressed his deep appreciation for the tireless efforts of the volunteers and showered the children with praise for their exceptional performances.


As the festivities drew to a close at 5:50 PM, a delightful spread of religious and theme-based refreshments was distributed to everyone present. These sweet treats served as a fitting finale to an evening brimming with joy, cultural immersion, and the spirit of community.

The Baisakhi celebration at Vikalp was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated. It served as a testament to the Vikalp’s commitment to fostering cultural understanding and creating a space for joyful celebration.