Vikalp Celebrates Janmashtami

On 7th September, 2023, Thursday, birthday of Lord Krishna also known as Janmashtami was
celebrated at Vikalp. The volunteers took this opportunity to both entertain and teach the students
about Janmashtami through a skit-cum-storytelling. All the volunteers and students were very
excited about it. A soft background flute music was played throughout the celebration, making it
even more vibrant.
The event started at 5:10PM in room C-209 in the presence of all the students and volunteers. The
life history of Lord Krishna was very beautifully described through the story narration by a volunteer
and was further demonstrated through a skit segment done by both volunteers and students. The
narration proceeded to explain the childhood of Lord Krishna which included his interactions with
the gopis and the very famous okhli event. It was performed by the students who were beautifully
dressed as Bal Krishna and gopis. The narration ended with explaining the reason behind Lord
Krishna’s birth which was to destroy the evil. Some students also performed their self-prepared
dances which was truly charming. The event came to an end with sweets distribution among the
More such events will be organized in the future giving students opportunity to develop academically
as well as culturally.